Monday, March 01, 2010


If you can't handle me when Im at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.
My friend told me this quote this morning and it perfectly described what I am going through. I am going through a really hard break-up. Peace of advice if your in my situation, It's ok to be sad. Just keep moving. Your friends who truly care about you will still be there when you are done going through everything. The ones that cant handle your sadness, depression, anger, hurt, etc. are the ones who don't deserve to be your friends in the first place.

Friday, February 05, 2010


This is such a controversial subject that I almost didn't want to discuss it, but then I thought...why not? Is abortion right? Or is it wrong? Well I am going to give my take on this matter. You dont have to agree but don't just dismiss what I have to say because I have some good points.
Almost every woman who has gone through with getting an abortion has either regretted it or afterwards had this sense of something being missing. They either didn't think through all of their options or thought they were making the right choice.
There are so many other options other than getting an abortion. There is always the choice of giving your baby up for adoption if you don't want to keep it.
But think of it this way...imagine your mother had decided to get an abortion while pregnant with wouldnt be here today. Can you imagine not being here today? Think of all the dreams you have and everything you want to do with your life. Now think if you were to have an abortion..your baby wont have that chance to dream and achieve all that they can.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Did you know that the #1 drug used in America is anti-depressants? In the year 2005, 118 million people used anti-depressants and every year the numbers keep going up. 25% of all adults will have a major depressive episode at some point in their life. What does that say about Americans? Why are so many people dependent upon a drug to remain happy?
How can we stop the growing usage of anti-depressants? Have you ever noticed that a smile from a random person can make you smile even though you were sad? Or a compliment from a friend or even a stranger can make you feel better about your self? Words and actions greatly impact our day to day lives.
The other day I noticed these cards in my moms car. They had positive sayings on them that you put in your kids lunch boxes. On the box it said that a compliment a day or a positive thing in a persons life every day can make their life a happier one. What if instead of giving people anti-depressants..we gave them a compliment or a smile? Or even a helping hand?
Im not saying to lie to people and tell them they are the most amazing person in the world. What I am saying is look for the good in people and compliment them on it. Make friends with those that don't look as though they have many. You may change someones life without even realizing it. You could be what someone needed in their life.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ode to the Perfect Man

The perfect man is gentle
And never cruel or mean.
He has the perfect smile
And is always neat and clean.
The perfect man likes kids,
And will raise them by your side.
He will be a caring father,
And good husband to his bride.
The perfect man loves cooking.
He will clean and vaccum too.
He'll do whats in his power
To show his love for you.
The perfect man is sweet,
Writing poems with your name.
He's a best friend to your mother,
And will kiss away your pain.
He never makes you cry,
Nor caused you hurt in any way.
To hell with this poem--
The perfect man is gay.

My Boyfriends Poem

To have joy and peace in times of sorrow is a dream that many

will never understand but one i will follow..

Where others will slip and fall

i will stand and thrive.

This is a declaration of what man once called pride

but in reality is a statement of weakness that will go unnoticed

and die.

Driving a Boat Disguised as a Car

So last night and today I drove my mothers car. She drives an Expedition. When your behind the wheel of that car its like driving a boat. The thing is huge. It feels like it takes up two lanes on the freeway and I spent my whole time checking my mirrors and praying, please dont let me hit anything. Well not only was I trying to stay in my lane but I was tested twice in the same 15 minutes. As I was getting on the freeway entrance ramp I heard an ambulance and had to pull over to the side of the road. Then getting off the freeway there was an accident so my mom was talking me through what speed to go at and all the other little things I needed to know.
The night before, I had only been quickly driving my mom to the store. Well as it was my first time driving "the boat" i ended up taking a corner a little too sharply and hitting a curb.
Let's just say im not having the best experience in what my mother calls a car. Though on the plus side I have learned something...when I get to buy my own car..I am going to buy something small like a sports car...not a boat.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Balancing a Teenage Schedule

So many of us have a busy schedule. We go to shcool, do our homework and chores when we are home, have clubs, do a sport for school or outside of school, etc. All of these things not only make having a social life hard, but they also make time for ourselves nearly impossible.
When asking some of my classmates why they take on such a  difficult load during high school, they answer that it looks good on a college application. What most teens who are college bound aren't considering is the fact that you don't have to kill yourself with stress. There needs to be a perfect balance. Colleges dont want to see that you do all of these extra curricular activities but cant keep up with your grades at the same time.
Colleges dont just look for you to challenge yourself...they look to see if you know what your limits are; if you can have a balance of school, extra curricular activities, and life itself. If you lighten your load a little by dropping a few things then you arent only going to excel in the things colleges are looking for, but you will also have some time to understand the life going on around you.
Too many people spend their teenage years wrapped up in what a college will want instead of what they want. They are so focused on what they consider a prize that they dont notice they are missing out on life. By finding that balance in your schedule you can can round out who you are and not have to be as stressed through some of the best years of your life.

Life Quote

"All life is an expirement. The more expirements you make the better."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, February 01, 2010

Saying Goodybye

There will come many times in life where we have to say goodbye. Sometimes it may be easy; but other times it will be tough. Saying goodbye to a loved one, whether for a day, a year, or forever can be one of the hardest things to go through. Sometimes people wonder afterwards if they spent too much time focusing on the fact that they would have to say goodbye soon. They wonder what the best way to say goodbye is. Should you focus on issues that need to be resolved? Should treat it like any normal day so that you can remember your time with that person as happy?
How you spend the last of your time with those you care about before saying goodbye is up to you, but think of it this way...your time spent with that person shouldnt be spent making them feel guilty about leaving; instead it should be spent showing you love them and that your going to miss them like crazy when they are gone...that's one of the best goodbye gifts someone could knowing they are loved.

My First Blog

Well I am finally posting my first blog ever! I have so many things to share with the world that it only seemed right to create a blog. I made this blog to get my ideas out there and to feel as though I am being heard. I may not know how many people my blogs will reach or even if they help someone along the way, but I know that some of the things I have to say will be important. Not everything will be serious; in fact I look forward to posting silly things from throughout my day to share with my friends and the world. So to all my readers and future followers. Welcome!