Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Driving a Boat Disguised as a Car

So last night and today I drove my mothers car. She drives an Expedition. When your behind the wheel of that car its like driving a boat. The thing is huge. It feels like it takes up two lanes on the freeway and I spent my whole time checking my mirrors and praying, please dont let me hit anything. Well not only was I trying to stay in my lane but I was tested twice in the same 15 minutes. As I was getting on the freeway entrance ramp I heard an ambulance and had to pull over to the side of the road. Then getting off the freeway there was an accident so my mom was talking me through what speed to go at and all the other little things I needed to know.
The night before, I had only been quickly driving my mom to the store. Well as it was my first time driving "the boat" i ended up taking a corner a little too sharply and hitting a curb.
Let's just say im not having the best experience in what my mother calls a car. Though on the plus side I have learned something...when I get to buy my own car..I am going to buy something small like a sports car...not a boat.

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  1. Buy yourself a a Mach 1...that will impress!