Friday, February 05, 2010


This is such a controversial subject that I almost didn't want to discuss it, but then I thought...why not? Is abortion right? Or is it wrong? Well I am going to give my take on this matter. You dont have to agree but don't just dismiss what I have to say because I have some good points.
Almost every woman who has gone through with getting an abortion has either regretted it or afterwards had this sense of something being missing. They either didn't think through all of their options or thought they were making the right choice.
There are so many other options other than getting an abortion. There is always the choice of giving your baby up for adoption if you don't want to keep it.
But think of it this way...imagine your mother had decided to get an abortion while pregnant with wouldnt be here today. Can you imagine not being here today? Think of all the dreams you have and everything you want to do with your life. Now think if you were to have an abortion..your baby wont have that chance to dream and achieve all that they can.

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