Thursday, February 04, 2010


Did you know that the #1 drug used in America is anti-depressants? In the year 2005, 118 million people used anti-depressants and every year the numbers keep going up. 25% of all adults will have a major depressive episode at some point in their life. What does that say about Americans? Why are so many people dependent upon a drug to remain happy?
How can we stop the growing usage of anti-depressants? Have you ever noticed that a smile from a random person can make you smile even though you were sad? Or a compliment from a friend or even a stranger can make you feel better about your self? Words and actions greatly impact our day to day lives.
The other day I noticed these cards in my moms car. They had positive sayings on them that you put in your kids lunch boxes. On the box it said that a compliment a day or a positive thing in a persons life every day can make their life a happier one. What if instead of giving people anti-depressants..we gave them a compliment or a smile? Or even a helping hand?
Im not saying to lie to people and tell them they are the most amazing person in the world. What I am saying is look for the good in people and compliment them on it. Make friends with those that don't look as though they have many. You may change someones life without even realizing it. You could be what someone needed in their life.

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